Type.GetType and referred assemblies

There is a DLL called CommonAssembly. This contains a namespace called CommonNamespace. This namespace contains a class called CommonClass. Another project adds a reference to CommonAssembly and wants to get the type of CommonClass using the method Type.GetType.

Determining whether a class implements certain interface

typeof(IFoo).IsAssignableFrom(bar.GetType()); typeof(IFoo).IsAssignableFrom(typeof(BarClass));typeof(IFoo).IsAssignableFrom(bar.GetType()); typeof(IFoo).IsAssignableFrom(typeof(BarClass)); The Type.IsAssignableFrom() method check whether a type can be assigned from another. It takes a System.Type object as argument, so if you are given a class or an instance of a class, you can use the typeof…Continue Reading →

String Formatting in C#

Original Article I couldn’t find a quick reference to .NET string formatting using the String.Format() function, so I created this one (which has also spawned this String Formatting FAQ and strangely enough, this cartoon.